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First of all may I thank all those who took the trouble to reply both by letter and email, to my question about the ECB's proposed new format for 2020. I also received a number of verbal comments whilst in the Seaxe Box, and those views are also included herein.


The general consensus is:

a) The ECB have not thought this through

b) The ECB has little interest in supporting County cricket

c) How are they going to fit this new tournament in to what is already a busy schedule and a short playing season?

d) The actual format of 100 balls is ludicrous

e) The ECB has lost touch with the games core supporters, leaving them disillusioned and fearful for the future of real cricket

f) It appears to be an unfortunate necessity in order to encourage a new young audience with short attention spans.

g) A number of members are now doubting the wisdom of continuing their membership of Middlesex CCC because they did not join MCCC to watch short form white ball cricket. They joined to watch County cricket which has now been elbowed to each end of the season, and receives very little promotion outside of the ground.


Before we jump to the conclusion that these are simply the views of the older cricketing follower, I should point out that some of these views were put forward by younger members. Who despite the ECB's assumption that the young don't like the longer format, see the importance of County cricket and thereby Test cricket, both of which they obviously enjoy. I am quoting verbatim below some of the comments from Tyler, one of our younger Middlesex and Seaxe members.


"The decision by the ECB to seriously consider, and possibly fund the new 100 ball competition is depressing news to the fans of the classic Test.

This last ditch move at attempting to reignite the passion for cricket in the UK is frankly a desperate vision to replicate the cricketing franchises of countries such as India.

And yet I, like many others, including much of the ECB, have started to believe that the drastic actions being considered might be necessary "to attract todays kids" "

He then goes on to say that the loss of cricket coverage on the BBC has had a detrimental effect on its popularity. He closes with - "This is why I believe that however drastic, the 100 ball game will most likely give cricket the boost in viewers it so dearly needs"


Once again my thanks to all who responded to the question.

Glen Birkwood

Editor Seaxe News







To commemorate its Golden Anniversary, the Seaxe Club will be backing the ECB All Stars Cricket initiative in Middlesex, specifically with an aim to financially support the project within inner City areas. There is no ECB funding for these, as the centres are outside the traditional club and coaching network. Money raised during 2018 will assist the Seaxe Club in helping to fund these centres and enable children from low income families to participate".







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